How can we Help?

We provide a wide range of treatments and rehabilitation programmes, accompanied with professional advice.

  • Injury rehabilitation -Treatment for acute and chronic injuries from the early-late stages of rehabilitation to full fitness and return to chosen sport.
  • Sports/remedial/trigger point massage-To ease muscle tension and stress, break down scar tissue within muscle, tendons and ligaments, realign and stretch muscle fibres, prevent lactic acid build up, reduce muscle soreness after exercise.
  • Joint manipulation and spinal mobilisations- to decrease pain and joint stiffness and increase movement and joint flexibility.
  • Pre and post operative rehabilitation- Spinal, joint, ligament, tendon, cartilage operations. Increase strength pre-operation, individual treatment and rehabilitation program to reduce swelling and scar tissue, improve flexibility and strength.
  • Pre and post natal massage- Therapeutic massage. To ease muscle tension, back and joint pain, to ease the pain from SPD. From early to late stages of pregnancy. Please note you need to check with your midwife/consultant that they are happy for you to have massage.
  • Postural and biomechanical assessments- Assessment to establish and correct postural and biomechanical problems. This will aid in relieving neck, back and joint pain and muscular tension.
  • Injury prevention- How to maintain training injury and pain free. Advice on stretching and strengthening and returning to sport after injury, self massage techniques using foam rollers etc, regular sports massage
  • Exercise programmes- advice on training, increasing core strength, increasing flexibility, improving performance.