How can I prevent injuries?

We offer advice on many techniques that will enable you to exercise and compete in sport without pain and injury free.

Regular stretching- Stretching pre and post exercise to improve flexibility and ease of movement, reduce muscle soreness after exercise and increase muscle efficiency.

Strengthening exercises- Improve core strength, muscle strength, balance, speed, muscle efficiency, joint stability.

Regular sports massage-. Eases muscle tension before it leads to potential injuries, this allows athletes and patients to continue their daily routines unaffected

Self Massage- Self massage using a foam roller, massage stick or massage ball after exercise or on rest days. To ease muscle tension, break down scar tissue within muscle, tendons and ligaments, realign and stretch muscle fibres, prevent lactic acid build up, reduce muscle soreness after exercise.

Rest days- Having rest days between exercise will allow muscles to repair and reduce muscle soreness and tension.

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